How Chemotargets CLARITY is benefiting our customers?

Chemotargets is currently recognized as a global leader in predictive analytics solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research institutions.

Chemotargets' goal is to help the biopharma industry fast-forward the process of bringing new medicines to market, speeding up drug discovery and development programs, and improving cost-efficiency.

Use cases and applications include:

Uncover drug discovery opportunities: 

Chemotargets CLARITY is used by scientists as a hypothesis generation tool to support drug design, lead optimization and prioritization of candidates by identifying therapeutically relevant structural-activity attributes and helping discern and eliminate precursors of undesired safety liabilities and off-target activity.
Discovery scientists use the platform to:

  • Elucidate the underlying mechanisms behind phenotypic assay results (target deconvolution)
  • Evaluate polypharmacological activity of compounds acting simultaneously on multiple disease-relevant targets
  • Assess mechanisms of action of natural products responsible for their potential therapeutic activities
  • Uncover the full mechanistic profile to anticipate potential therapeutic uses of chemical series before patent submission
  • Perform drug repositioning and new indication discovery projects
  • Perform virtual high-throughput screening of compound libraries
  • Identification of new opportunities for therapeutic intervention by correlating recently described targets, pathways and small molecule therapeutics

Assess the safety profile of drugs & identify off-target liabilities 

Detecting off-target and safety liabilities early in drug discovery is critical to reduce safety-related attrition.
Drug R&D professionals use the platform to:

  • Identify off-target mechanistic liabilities
  • Anticipate safety liabilities (structural alerts)
  • Gain insights and guidance for experimental assay planning
  • Elucidate molecular initiating events
  • Evaluate endpoints of critical importance to regulatory authorities
  • Chemotargets CLARITY covers a broad range of target-actions essential for secondary pharmacology profiling and provides information on the adverse effects linked to these mechanisms of action.

Identify safety issues associated with metabolites

Based on proprietary methodology and an expertly curated database of metabolic transformations (Chemotargets MetDB), Chemotargets CLARITY is able to predict metabolites with a high degree of accuracy and precision. The generated metabolites can be assessed for target activity and safety and their profiles can be compared with substrates.

How <strong>Chemotargets CLARITY</strong> is benefiting our customers?