What we look for

We are interested in developing win-win collaborative relationships with world class academia, government institutions and centers dedicated to basic research. Our focal point is innovation. We seek to participate in projects based on scientific excellence and a passion for creating new and differentiated approaches to improve drug discovery technologies and quality knowledge resources. The goal is to develop better and safer therapeutic agents by having a full scope perspective of diseases and the interactions between them.

Our Collaboration Model

Our model is based on sharing excellent scientific projects, whether these are driven by drug discovery or are focused on complementing technologies and knowledge platforms. Chemotargets gives its collaborators the opportunity to benefit from its state-of-the-art in silico tools and prediction modeling programs, and in turn our collaborators bring their expertise and knowledge resources in specific therapeutic areas.

Working with Government Organizations

At present, Chemotargets collaborates with multiple government-backed organizations, academic research centers and EU funded research projects such as the eTOX or MeDALL projects.

Contact us for more information about our Collaboration opportunities.