Chemotargets S.L. is a computationally-oriented biotech company focused on the drug discovery and development areas. Located in Barcelona, it was founded on March 2006 as a spin-off initiative from the Chemogenomics Laboratory under the auspices of the Municipal Institute of Medical Research (IMIM-Hospital del Mar).


Chemotargets' goal is to help the biopharma industry fast-forward the process of bringing new medicines to market, speeding up drug discovery and development programs and making them more cost-efficient. To this end, Chemotargets has designed, and continues developing, an integrated technology platform involving a broad spectrum of cutting-edge computational methodologies.


Since 2006, Chemotargets has provided computational drug discovery services to a great number pharmaceutical and biotech companies and carried out collaboration agreements with different academic and research institutions. In addition, Chemotargets is currently participating in three different EU funded research projects; eTOX, focused on the in silico prediction of in vivo toxicities associated with drugs and drug candidates, CHAARM, focused on the development of combinations of highly active specifically-targeted microbicides for vaginal and rectal application and MICROSMETICS, focused on the discovery and development of novel cosmeceutical agents.